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Petroil Fuels

Petroil Fuels

Petroil Fuels case study

Petroil Fuels is a Greek petroleum company operating for distribution of liquid fuels and building administration services. Petroil Fuels main services are: distribution of heating oil and administration of buildings. The company is among the biggest in the field of building services and it is found on the list of the biggest companies in Greece occupying 100 employees. 

Petroil Fuels case study

Nus Solutions for Business Applications

NUS Solutions has undertaken the implementation of sales automation to automate the sales cycle of the company and the field services. For the project implementation, NUS Solutions has developed a module of Dynamics 365 Sales & Field Services for the automation of the procedures.  

Through this model Petroil Fuels has acquired: 

Automatic creation of offers and automatic contracts upon acceptance.

Creation of works automatically based on the contract and its routing with the best way.

Field services application for the technicians so they are provided real-time with updates for the work progress, cancellation of dates and their payments.

Nus Solutions for System Infrastructure

Infrastructure update 

NUS Solutions has undertaken the complete modernization of Petroil Fuels server infrastructure and its applications. Based on the best systems design and in collaboration with Dell Technologies, NUS Solutions has created a new infrastructure which hosts the renewed applications and services of Petroil Fuels.

Interconnection of headquarters with the other offices 

NUS Solutions has created two way communication between the offices of Petroil Fuels, in order for all employees to have access to corporate data and applications. In this procedure, the most advanced protocols of encrypted information were used, in order to ensure data integrity and safe network traffic. 

Update network security 

As part of the digital upgrade, NUS Solutions, a partner of Fortinet, has redesigned the network security and inspection of Petroil Fuels. Automated mechanisms have been created for event reporting with security attack mechanisms. The most indicated security policies have been installed and configured in concern of ransomware, trojan and phishing attacks. Security filters have been implemented to users internet traffic, in order to secure the safe access to the website. 

Wi-Fi Building coverage  

NUS Solutions, a partner of Grandstream, installed a secure wifi network system. Thus, users enjoy the maximum network capabilities from their devices in every corner of the company. Even more, visitors are given the possibility to connect to the network with limited access and a speed filter, so that the smooth operation of the company's employees is not hindered.

Microsoft 365 migration 

Petroil Fuels has trusted NUS Solutions for migration to cloud environment of Microsoft 365. In this procedure, NUS Solutions has created an environment to host the files of each department using Microsoft SharePoint.  The most advanced security filters were installed for the incoming and outgoing correspondence.  Even more, through Microsoft Teams the users have improved their communication as well as the administration of projects through the channels end applications provided.  Finally, the remote users of the company are facilitated to a great extent from centralized platform of all suite of applications of Microsoft 365 .

- IP PBX call center 

The development of Petroil Fuels and the need for remote work have contributed to the migration of a new digital call center. NUS Solutions, a partner of Grandstream, has installed one of the most competitive products in the market with advanced possibilities on remote communication, call routing and call center statistics monitoring capabilities.

Nus Solutions for Digital Marketing

NUS Solutions in the field of Digital Marketing created an integrated Inbound Marketing strategy in order to staff the company’s new communication policy. More specific the activities which took place: 

Web design & SEO

Starting with the update of the digitalized presence of the company, NUS Solutions created a dynamic website that fully and comprehensively reflects the company’s services. Utilizing the rich optical and verbal material but also joining new cinematic projects, we targeted the adequate information of visitors in order to optimize internet browsing and search of information. 

Digital Marketing for Petroil Fuels
Digital Marketing for Petroil Fuels

Inbound Strategy

Aiming to increase brand awareness, we have created a complete Inbound Marketing strategy based in three columns: Social media, Creative and Content Marketing.

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