Nus Solutions

System Infrastructure And Integration

What do System Infrastructure and Integration services include?

System Infrastructure and Integration services can cover all components of an organization's infrastructure:


Want to upgrade your organization’s capabilities? Trust the infrastructure upgrade proposals offered by the experienced ΙΤ department of Nus Solutions. 

Firewall solutions

Identify and resolve all security gaps that exist in your company’s network. Connect in the most convenient way remotely to your company’s network via VPN. Manage the security rules of your business 


Rest assured having the most secure and personalized backup solution for your company’s files, applications, computers, and mobile devices. Ensure the integrity of your backups by simultaneously writing to different disks. 


Protect any mobile and fixed device of your business and set your own security limits! 

Wi-Fi coverage

The latest generation of WIFI solutions offers security to your wireless network and accessibility even in the most inaccessible places! 

Disaster Recovery

Recover access and restore functionality to your organization’s IT infrastructure after events such as a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or even business disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.