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George Moundreas case study

George Moundreas & CO assist customers to construct, charter, repair and manage all types of vessels as well as buy and sell used vessels, in an efficient and competitive manner. The strong and experienced group, with the support of global network partners and shipyards, guides the customers who trust them, through the complexities of the shipping industry. 

George Moundreas case study

System Implementations

Next generation firewall installation

Online security is increasingly a business concern. Based on the company's need for uninterrupted and secure operation of its systems, NUS Solutions installed one of the most pioneering and sophisticated firewall services solutions. Thus, George Moundreas & Co ensured the security of its network, the safe browsing of users on the Internet, the uninterrupted operation of the Internet as well as the limitation of harmful network attacks.

Systems protection

NUS Solutions, a Bitdefender partner, has applied the most recent security policies for terminals and systems to secure the uninterrupted company functions. NUS Solutions has also applied the most appropriate prevention standards and administration for phishing and ransomware virus types, which bother thousands of businesses daily.

Remote work

Remote access to a company’s infrastructure is very frequent in the business world. However, apart from the smooth constant business work, the safe use of tools for remote access to the applications and infrastructure of the business is essential. In this field, NUS Solutions has installed the most appropriate authentication and safety policy for remote users to secure the integrity and the safety of the company’s infrastructure, even if they are out of the company’s premises.

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