Nus Solutions


Analyze the need

For the digital transformation of Dimitra's e-shop NUS solutions suggests:

By leveraging the Dynamics 365 commerce solution platform you can create a complete sales cycle utilizing one single application!

The needs of your business are similar to those of Dimitra?

Do not compromise with solutions that do not fit your business! Create a complete e-commerce strategy and level up your sales!

Get loyal fans of your products

Highlight your brand awareness

Adopt a targeted inbound marketing strategy and let your customers approach you! 

  • SEO optimization for e-shops 
  • Social media and Google ads 
Productive work

Create a loyalty program and increase the loyalty of your customers with Pobuca’s leading Experience Cloud platform.

  • Create a loyalty schema 
  • Encourage member subscription 
  • Connect the ERP system with your e-shop 
  • Get to know your customers and offer the best shopping experience