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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy 

Of company NUS Solutions PC (from now on NUS Solutions) 

What you should know about cookies maintains strict policy to protect the privacy of website visitors.   

With this current note we provide you more information about how we use cookies every time you visit our website.  

Cookies are small text files that are saved to the computer or mobile phone of yours when you visit the website More specifically, cookies are small pieces of software code, which are sent to be stored by our Company’s web server (“Server”) on your terminal equipment with the basic function of communicating with us using browser data (“browser”). Based on their duration cookies are either temporary (session cookies) or permanent (persistent cookies). the temporary cookies, are the ones which are deleted automatically when you close your web browser , on the other hand the persistent once are saved do your equipment until the completion of their predefined time range. By this way, the website remembers your actions and your preferences for a tyrant, to provide and more friendly and personalized service to the user.  

Does our company use cookies? 

Yes when you use some cookies and our main reason is to keep more functional and more friendly to our visitors. 

Which are the diverse types of cookies that we use? 

There are diverse types of cookies with different uses for each one. The types of cookies that NUS SOLUTIONS are persistent and session.   
Our company uses persistent cookies for the below reasons:  

  • To store technical data which are necessary for the read of optical or acoustic content, these cookies are called flash cookies  
  • For the distribution of server requests between a server group  
  • for the electronic recognition of users which are connected to social media  

Our company uses session cookies for the for the below reasons:  

  • To improve the performance of the website  
  • To personalize your interface and personalize the operation of our website.  
  • To provide online content relevant to your choices and interests.  

The temporary cookies (session cookies) that are used by the NUS Solutions website are deleted at the end of your visit and after closing the browser.  

Persistent cookies remain on your computer or device until you delete them, or for a predetermined period of time.  

Also, when you visit our website, some partners of ours may place third-party cookies on our behalf. Third-party cookies enable third-party features or functions offered on or through the website (for example advertising, interactive content and analytics).  

Why do we use cookies? 

NUS SOLUTIONS uses cookies primarily to ensure that your visit to our website is as pleasant and interactive as possible, as well as for advertising purposes during your future visits to other websites. 

Types of cookies that we use and why? 

  • Absolutely necessary / basic cookies: 
    The necessary cookies have crucial meaning for the safe functionality of the website, they allow you to browse and to use its functionalities like accessing safe areas. these cookies do not recognize your personal identity. without these cookies, we cannot offer effective functionality to our website.  
  • Functional and analytics cookies:  
    these cookies can offer you a more smooth user experience (for example these cookies can help you store, remind you about your basket and they give you the possibility to create a list with items that you wish). these cookies can allow us to analyze the use of our website in order to count and to ameliorate the performance. these cookies can be set up either by us or by a third party using our name and are stored only for the time range of your browsing.  
  • Targeting cookies, advertising cookies and social media cookies (interaction cookies):
    Targeting cookies are used to deliver content that is more similar to you and your interests. They may be used to send targeted advertising/offers, limit ad impressions or measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. They collect your preferences in order to show you relevant advertisements outside of NUS Solutions websites. Also, to improve our website, we use cookies to collect information about when and how visitors interact with our website. In addition, social media cookies can be used to track your activity on social media platforms (e.g., Facebook).    

What type of data we are collecting using cookies: 

All the data that we collect by using cookies through, are processed and exclusively stored only as anonymous statistics data and they do not have any direct connection with you. Additionally, our company does not sell, or trade data collected in this way.  

Through the use of cookies we collect and process the following mentioned types of data:  

  • Authorization data of users equipment and the Internet protocol address of the user  
  • browsing data in in the web page  
  • Product/service preference information.  
  • Data on executed transactions.  

How do you give us your allowance for the acceptance Of the above described use of cookies by our side? 

When you enter the main page of website, you are informed through a note about the use of cookies by us, which is in an obvious position and redirects you to the use policy with relative, clear and extended briefing. If you decide to browse to the subsites of the website And you how set up accordingly your browser, you freely provide your express and specific consent for this use. Otherwise, you are required to refrain from browsing within the website or disable the use of cookies in your browser settings. 

How can you disable the use of cookies? 

If you wish to activate or deactivate the use of cookies from the settings of your browser, your browser you must visit the following websites to be informed about the appropriate actions that you must follow:  

  • Ιnternet Explorer   
  • Mozilla Firefox  
  • Google Chrome   
  • Safari   
  • Opera   
  • Adobe (flash cookies)  

More information about the general use of cookies, as well as methods of blocking or limiting them, can be found on the websites  and  

Information on the protection of personal data collected by cookies 

Information on the protection of your personal data, but also on your rights, can be found in the Personal Data Protection Policy here.