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Microsoft Power Apps

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At NUS Solutions we did your functional requirements as simpler, as never in the past!

Provide a unique CX for your customers

By utilizing Microsoft Power Apps, you can create a platform where you will select the necessary data for each of your customers. Be informed of their preferences or latest purchases and offer them a unique service experience!

Manage employee leaves

Personnel management is particularly important. Automate time-consuming personnel organization processes. Allow employees to organize their leaves in 2 clicks.

Manage your appointments 

Is customer contact part of your daily routine? Introduce Power Apps to appointment management and organize your work in an optimal way. Manage your appointments and calendar from a single platform.

Organize Expense Sheets

Manage your business expenses easily and quickly! Keep a history of your purchases and check them at any time, with the push of a button. Connect Power App with your business ERP and keep all data centralized in one platform.