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Ark Med

Ark Med

Ark Med case study

Ark Med is a dynamic parapharmaceutical store operating in the area of commerce and storage of parapharmaceutical products for pharmacies. Ark Med has managed to create a stable and continuously expanding working environment for the personnel as well as an evaluated network of pharmacies. Today the company enumerates two thousand pharmacies, aims for continuous development and is always focusing on immediate customer service.  

Ark Med case study

Nus Solutions for Business Applications

In an effort to ameliorate the ordering procedures NUS Solutions, have created a complete sales cycle, utilizing Dynamics 365 Field Services solution, targeting to record the order procedure received step to step upon receiving the order till the dispatch of the offer and until it's delivery.

To complete the invoicing processes, an interface was made with SoftOne ERP, so that the orders from the system end up for invoicing directly in SoftOne.

Dynamics 365 screen
Dynamics 365 screen

Taking advantage of the possibilities of Field Services, the routing of orders was better organized in order to make better use of the resources used by the company for order taking. Within Dynamics 365, intelligent routing rules and algorithms were implemented to create an optimal path of routes and deliveries from orders.

Ark Med has managed to have a platform where field salespeople will be able to easily and quickly from their mobile phones have full management of their customers and be able to place orders remotely at their customers' premises.

Nus Solutions for Business Applications

NUS Solutions has integrated the products of Microsoft 365 into Ark Med. The company’s files have been transferred to the cloud storage of Microsoft SharePoint, offering users uninterrupted access to the files in and out of the office.

In addition, through Microsoft’s advanced filters of correspondence, malicious messages have been restricted to a great extent.

Microsoft apps

Nus Solutions for Digital Marketing

NUS Solutions proceeded to create an integrated branding strategy, so that the company could be dynamically introduced to the Greek market.

Brand Identity of Ark Med

Identity Company Planning

The study and design of the corporate identity were done to capture the harmony and dynamics of the company.

E-Shop Planning

To place orders, NUS Solutions has created a fully functional e-shop, where the products, their descriptions and characteristics are displayed in detail. The WordPress CMS platform was used to create the website, while the WooCommerce open-source platform was integrated to fulfill the orders.

Screen from the eshop of Ark Med
Screen for Ark Med newsletter

Email Marketing

In an effort to fortify Partners Network, Ark Med has created weekly information campaigns to maintain engagement with the current customers and the briefing of new customers for the prices and offers of the company. 

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