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D.C Christopoulos & Partners

D. C. Christopoulos & Partners security system

Christopoulos company is a Greek law company with international recognition. 

The company’s customer base consists of top Greek public and private companies, as well as international companies which are located in Greece or want to invest at the local level. 

Christopoulos company advise people on legal consequences which turn out of business activities and also the management of personal properties. 

D. C. Christopoulos & Partners security system

NUS Solutions for Business Applications

For the needs of the business, a custom application has been created, with the use of Microsoft Power Apps, which intends the management of cases and trials of the office. 

Keeping mobile application supported through the use of Microsoft Power Apps, the lawyers have access to customer files to examine each case, upload useful files or note the actions which took place. Each case will be found on the shared calendar to have an overall of the cases, the appointments and the trial dates. 

Finally, the accounting department, based on the lawyers activities, can charge each customer for the case held and proceed to final invoicing through the channel created with the accounting program of the office. 

NUS Solutions for System Infrastructure

Cloud file migration

The company, utilizing for a long time the capabilities of Microsoft 365 products, proceeded with NUS Solutions to transfer the shared files to the cloud area of Microsoft SharePoint. This way, the associates gained access to the files that concern them from every workplace, improving their productivity. They ensured the absolutely secure access and storage of their files. Furthermore, they have applied methods of common use and file processing, aiming to secure the reliability and integrity of documents. 

Microsoft 365 Backup

The company, in order to secure the data integrity, backed up its files which are found in the cloud area of Microsoft. This way, the company ensured the safe preservation of history as well as the existence of an encrypted backup copy in the physical space of its offices.


Bit defender antivirus solutions

NUS Solutions, Bitdefender's official partner, has implemented the company's comprehensive terminal protection based on the most advanced cyber-attack prevention policies.

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