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Petroil Fuels case study

Green One is specialized in the provision of hygiene services (cleaning, disinfection) for commercial premises. It is a member of the Petroil Group, and was created to focus on providing integrated solutions exclusively for businesses and industries.

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Nus Solutions for Business Applications

NUS Solutions undertook the implementation of Sales Automation. During the implementation of the project, NUS Solutions used the Dynamics 365 Sales Module to automate the company’s sales cycle, and Field Services to manage field services.    

Through the adoption of Business Apps, Green One gained:

Automated tasks in the field of creating offers and contracting after acceptance, but also in the field of creating contract work.

A contract management system for the immediate renewal of contracts that are due to expire.

Interface of the commercial program for the automatic invoicing of orders.

Nus Solutions for System Infrastructure

Infrastructure upgrade

NUS Solutions fully modernized Green One's server and application infrastructure, in partnership with Dell Technologies.

Office Interface

NUS Solutions created a new internal communication system in Green One's offices, so that all employees can collaborate seamlessly, with access to corporate data and applications. The most advanced information encryption protocols were used in this project to ensure data protection.

Network security upgrade

NUS Solutions, in collaboration with Fortinet, upgraded Green One's network security and control, adopting attack security mechanisms, protection measures for the most common cyber threats, and security filters on users' web traffic.

Wi-Fi network coverage

NUS Solutions, as a partner of Grandstream, installed a secure Wi-Fi wireless network system in Green One's building infrastructure. The company's employees have access to the internet to its fullest potential, while guests also have the option to connect with limited access and speed filtering.

Microsoft 365 migration 

NUS Solutions achieved the smooth transition of Green One to the Microsoft 365 Cloud environment. The Microsoft 365 suite applications (SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and others) offered the possibility to work remotely, with access to all data via the internet (Cloud model). At the same time, advanced security filters were implemented.

IP PBX call center

The urgent need for remote working has led to the transition to a new digital call center. NUS Solutions, in partnership with Grandstream, installed one of the most competitive products on the market with advanced remote voice, call routing, and call center statistics monitoring capabilities.

Nus Solutions for Digital Marketing

NUS Solutions in the field of Digital Marketing has created a comprehensive Inbound Marketing strategy, tailored to the needs of the business.

Web design & SEO

During the digitization process, Green One wanted to strengthen their online presence and improve the Customer Experience. Therefore, we proceeded with a redesign of the existing website to create a modern, refreshed, and user-friendly interface. The new SEO strategy adopted aims to improve Green One’s ranking in search engine results.

Digital Marketing for Petroil Fuels
Digital Marketing for Petroil Fuels

Inbound Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy is about creating high qualitative and engaging content that will reach potential customers and increase their loyalty. This content must meet the preferences of Green One’s target audience, and is distributed through different online channels such as Social Media, Newsletters and Website.

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