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The company Anosis Tech was founded in 1988 in Kaisariani. With many years of experience in the field of building construction and having constructed a significant number of properties, it has established itself as one of the largest construction companies in Greece!

The aim of Anosis Tech. is to create top-quality buildings that meet the high quality and aesthetics of architectural design. With an emphasis on safety, seismic shielding, and a commitment to ecological sustainability, it is actively developing and expanding nationwide.

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The company's need

To ensure its efficient operation, Anosis Tech needs an effective system for recording income and expenses for its projects, in order to:

  • Have full control of the funds required for the construction project.
  • Maintain profitability by controlling labor costs, material costs, equipment costs, subcontractor costs, and other overhead costs.
  • Effectively manage the cash flow of the business.

Our Solution

Budget Control App

Working on the specific needs of Anosis Tech, NUS Solutions created a Custom Budget Control App. The implementation of this application took place using Microsoft Power Apps.

Customer Management

Maintenance of all customer data and the projects they are connected to, in a SaaS environment. This ensures security, collaboration, and constant updates internally in the company.

Budget & Cost Control Analysis

The App facilitates the creation and management of budgets for each individual project within its environment. It includes features such as automated budget alerts and cost overrun notifications.

Cash Flow Management

The Budget Control App can incorporate cash flow forecasting tools, allowing the company to anticipate cash flow gaps and proactively address them.

Reporting and Analytics

The App collects sales cycle data and generates relevant reports. The analytics tools provide essential information that helps to organize and plan the financial movements of the organization.

User-Friendly Interface

Leveraging the user-friendly interface of Power Apps, the application ensures that the staff of Anosis Tech can make the most of it.


As Anosis Tech grows, the App has the ability to scale to accommodate additional projects and financial complexity. This flexibility ensures that the App remains an effective tool as the company expands.

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