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Cloud computing technology- How it can upgrade SMEs.

Cloud Computing Technology: What is it and how to adapt it to a small-medium business?

The rapid pace of digital transformation and the needs for development that arose especially after the advent of the pandemic, gradually led businesses to applying cloud computing technology.  Transferring data and services to the cloud has emerged as one of … Read More

What is VDI?

Unlocking the Future: Exploring the World of VDI!

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or Virtual Desktop, is a groundbreaking technology that utilizes virtual machines to create and manage virtual workspaces.   You might be wondering what this means in practice.   Let’s assume you’ve opened your virtual computer at work and performed … Read More


What are Ransomware attacks and how to avoid a ‘perfect heist’

Ransomware attacks are a type of malware, widespread in recent years in the field of cybercrime. It is mainly used in extortion to extract sums of money. Ransomware is a particularly ‘effective way’ of online fraud as once installed on … Read More