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What is buzz marketing: exploring the positive outcomes of making noise!

Buzz Marketing is the art of making noise.

Buzz Marketing has been powerfully introduced in the marketing field as a promotional strategy that generates intense interest and discussion (the so-called ‘’buzz”) around a brand among the public, thus drawing consumers’ attention to it.

So how easy is it to create and spread the much-desired buzz, which is its potential and what should you be aware of? In the following article, you will get to know sufficiently and in-depth the Buzz Marketing technique, which can take off our business marketing strategy with a few smart moves.

In this article we will explore:


What is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz Marketing is the positive “word-of-mouth” promotion of a brand, a tactic that aims to get people’s attention by creating “buzz” about a topic that is getting publicity. To do so, you need to do something out of the box, something interesting or eccentric, which will be spread because of its unique character and which in turn will generate discussion among people.

The success of Buzz Marketing, especially in recent years, lies in the extensive usage of social media as a primary means of spreading the message for both advertising purposes and objective consumer reviews. The positive conversation around a brand on social media is increasingly being sought by businesses.

Online buzz marketing thrives on the involvement of “influencers,” who are often the first to try new products and enthusiastically share their experiences. With their substantial online followings on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, influencers hold significant sway over their audience.

The difference between Traditional Marketing and Buzz Marketing: The accumulation of multiple audience around you.
How Buzz Marketing gathers way more audience around you, comparing to Traditional Marketing methods.


What are the characteristics of Buzz Marketing?

The goal of Buzz Marketing is the creation of excitement and a sense of curiosity amongst the audience, which leads people to talk about the brand with those around them and thus receive extra recognition. The special features that make it enter the Digital Marketing space more and more dynamically are the following:

Creating Noise – Positive and Targeted!

Noise, disruption, or ”buzz” is the most characteristic feature of Buzz Marketing – as its name also indicates. What you need is to create a vivid, active and positive conversation around the brand that will increase your influence. The more buzz you create, the more people are likely to learn about your products or services and make a purchase.

Unconventional approach – Exception and Originality

Interest and excitement are always generated by unconventional methods. Buzz Marketing may include imaginative or quirky ads, provocative actions, unique campaigns, unofficial events and creative usage of social media in an attempt to stand out from the competition and gain the attention of the public.

Element of surprise – The unexpected!

The noise in Buzz Marketing always comes after something unexpected that will “shake” the audience and cause surprise. Below we’ll take a more detailed look at some strategies you can use to “surprise” your audience and get them all talking about you.

Active public participation – Dialogue and Credibility

The impact of any strategy that aims to create buzz depends on the reaction of the public, who will be asked to share experiences or opinions and therefore the much desired ”buzz” will be achieved. Without their reaction, the Buzz Marketing strategy is a failure. Obviously, its potential in the positive advertising of the company is much stronger due to the climate of objectivity, trust and credibility among people.

The power of social media – Spreading the Noise

In recent years, Digital Marketing has been gaining more and more ground over the conventional one, due to the strong impact of social media. This has also contributed to the quicker spread of the message – the buzz – to a large number of people through the internet.


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Which are the potential and benefits of Buzz Marketing?

The potential of Buzz Marketing lies in “word of mouth” advertising, innovation and virality. Its comparative advantages make it one of the most modern and effective forms of Digital Marketing.

The primary role of the consumer

When people learn from multiple sources that a brand is being talked about and recommended by others, their trust is increased, they gain a positive opinion of it and it instantly becomes more credible and appealing to consumers, who feel that they have the primary role in choosing it.

An active presence on the Internet

An event that surprises and excites a wide audience becomes viral much easier through the internet. People tend to share it on social media, which can lead to great exposure and expansion of the target audience. Buzz Marketing has been a very strong part of Digital Marketing in recent years.

Low-Cost Advertising

Rather than focusing on investing in traditional marketing methods such as pricey advertisements, an alternative and often more beneficial, cost-effective solution is to invest in creating ‘buzz’ around your business, which will be promoted mainly through social media.

Wide Reach and Speed

Through intense conversations around a brand, people’s curiosity to learn about it grows. Thus, it easily and quickly gains more interest, recognition and reach. This is the essence of Buzz Marketing.


What are the risks inherent in Buzz Marketing?

Despite the benefits that exist in the Buzz Marketing strategy, it must be implemented carefully due to its peculiar character. The image you wish to create for the company through buzz must be positive toward your audience, something that can easily be reversed if you don’t have the necessary attention and guidance from digital marketing experts.

Some risks to consider when implementing the Buzz Marketing strategy are as follows:

Loss of control – Probability of negative response

When you want to create noise with Buzz Marketing, you also have limited control over how the information will be perceived by the public. The risk of misunderstandings, uncontrolled expansion, distortion or misrepresentation of the conversation may negatively impact your company’s image.

Misleading – Loss of Credibility

Consumers seek transparency and honesty. In case they realize that you are trying to deceive them using some Buzz Marketing tactics for the sole purpose of simply advertising, they will lose their trust in you.

Limited time resistance – Persistent noise

The “noise” generated through Buzz Marketing, even if you manage to make it intense, can be transient and fade quickly. You may thereby enter a vicious cycle of constantly trying to keep the conversation and interest always around your company, which will waste your precious time.


Discover the 8 + 1 tactics for achieving Buzz Marketing!

So, let’s get down to business. Which tactics can you use to implement Buzz Marketing in your business? This obviously depends on the sector you operate in, the audience you are targeting and your individual goals, but there are specific techniques that can make any business stand out.

1. Work with Influencers

Promotion and recommendations from influencers on social media have a great impact on their audience, who trust and tend to emulate them. If you want to implement Buzz Marketing effectively and on a large scale, working with influencers is the solution for you.

Big-name personalities already have a strong audience around them, so you immediately know that your efforts will reach an audience who is more likely to develop a positive attitude towards your product.

2. Humor in action!

Create humorous content that will make consumers feel intimate and associate your brand with pleasant emotions through laughter.

Old Spice – “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” – Old Spice created a series of ads featuring the “Old Spice Guy”, whose funny and unexpected statements about the company’s products that quickly went viral brought the company back into the spotlight and succeeded in attracting a younger generation of consumers.

3. Offer gifts and discounts

Giveaways with appealing rewards can attract a large number of people in a short time, who upon receiving gifts from your company are positively astonished and share it with the people around them.

Exclusive discounts on the other hand, is a way to thank your existing customers and value their loyalty.

4. Spread positive rumor

Stimulate people’s curiosity with Buzz Marketing, try something unusual and remarkable that will spread a positive rumor for your company. Draw attention to yourself by trying something that will positively shock.

Red Bull – “Stratos”: Red Bull organized a spectacular and groundbreaking event where Felix Baumgartner jumped from space back to earth. This event attracted huge attention and was discussed worldwide in the media and social networks.

5. Create suspense

Startle your audience with something unexpected that will stimulate discussion and suspense. An example of Buzz Marketing is the strategy of “pulling” a product or service from the market in order to create a sense of scarcity and impatience among consumers for when it comes back.

6. Organize special events

Organize events that will create a sensation and attract the public. The event can be a product launch, a presentation, a party, or even a charity event. Incorporate unique elements into it that will grab attention and take off your Buzz Marketing strategy.

Pepsi challenge: Pepsi held the “Pepsi Challenge” in various cities where consumers were invited to blind taste Pepsi and Coca-Cola and choose their favorite. This campaign created a sense of competition and generated strong debates about the taste of the two drinks.

7. Address Taboo Topics

People love to discuss topics that are forbidden, controversial, or otherwise taboo! To implement Buzz Marketing, start a conversation or make a (careful and conciliatory) statement on a controversial topic, and the high response from people will speak for itself.

Dove – “Real Beauty”: Dove’s campaign series aims to promote women’s real beauty and disapprove of beauty stereotypes presented mainly by the media. These campaigns have sparked conversations about women’s self-esteem and self-confidence, while reinforcing Dove’s brand awareness as a brand that highlights real beauty.

When it comes to taboo topics though, a campaign can sometimes backfire: you should be careful on the chosen topic and how your target audience is the most likely to react.

8. Show your values

88% of world consumers choose to buy from companies with ethical policies and strong values, either that has to do with animal testing or environmental care. Demonstrating your values to your audience with strengthen their relationship with your brand.

Another way to create buzz around your brand is creating campaigns that represent your ethical essence- it doesn’s need to be related directly to your products. For example, Body Shop, known for its activist actions, has held campaigns and raised awareness for topics such as domestic violence, animal testing, HIV, human trafficking and renewable energy.

9. Reveal a Secret

Dare to create mystery around an issue – in Buzz Marketing it’s always appealing!-, for example, the imminent launch of your new product. Reveal some clues of your upcoming launch, giving the consumer a sense of exclusivity. This is a smart way to attract attention to your product without even having released it yet!


How to start a buzz marketing campaign 101

You took the big step and decided that the time has come to create buzz around your brand? Don’t forget that even though buzz marketing sounds like fun, it needs very good planning in order to deliver the desired results.

Here it is what you should consider when planning for a buzz action:

  • Get to know your targeted audience: Understand the interests, characteristics and also the boundaries of the people you want to approach.
  • Craft a Strategy: Design a strategy that aligns with your audience profile to ensure it will captivate their attention.
  • Activate Key Triggers: Stimulate strong reactions by hitting the right buttons without offending or turning off your audience.
  • Generate Anticipation: Foster excitement and curiosity, particularly leading up to a product launch, to build momentum and interest.
  • Reward Early Supporters: Acknowledge and reward early adopters to make them feel valued and create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) or curiosity among others.
  • Utilize Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with influencers who have substantial followings to quickly generate buzz and widen your reach.
  •  Track Performance: Use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your campaign’s success. Metrics such as brand mentions, new followers, and sentiment analysis provide insights into customer reactions and overall campaign impact.


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