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Black Friday Sales: 8 tips for better results

8 tips for Black Friday sales

Black Friday sales is expected to be the biggest shopping event of the year, with many retailers looking forward to its arrival. Especially considering that in 2022 alone, Black Friday sales reached $9.12 billion, it’s no wonder that this particular day is one of the biggest sales opportunities for many businesses. 

Black Friday gives a strong purchase incentive to the consumer public, which has a direct consequence of increasing sales. In addition, it can help clear out inventory ahead of the new year and at the same time, give business owners a first look at how sales are going during the holiday season. 

But how can you secure a competitive edge in the Black Friday sales “arena” and attract more shoppers? Let’s see below! 


8 tips to improve Black Friday 2023 sales 


1. Optimize your site for mobile devices 

It is not new that a large part of navigation is done through mobile devices, which of course also affects online shopping. In fact, according to a 2023 survey, 75% of purchases are made via mobile devices, while on Black Friday 2022, 64% of purchases were made via mobiles. 

What does a site need to be mobile friendly? Photos and high-resolution material that loads quickly, easy navigation and displaying offers in a prominent place are some basic tips to take off your online store in the run-up to the “big day”. 


2. Create anticipation in your audience 

Black Friday sales may last one day, but it requires strategic planning several days in advance to get the desired results. A sneak preview of the offers and discounts you plan to offer will stimulate the anticipation of potential buyers and lead to more conversions. 

In this context, you can harness the power of email marketing and through targeted campaigns announce your offers or promote personalized content to your customers. In any case, the goal is to attract prospective buyers to your store! 


3. Plan your offers carefully 

Don’t forget that Black Friday is a highly competitive day for businesses! That’s why the even and timely planning of your offers will give you the lead and gather more interest from the consumers. 

Feel free to “play” with different offers: you can promote specific products from your catalog with special prices or create a limited edition range of products exclusively for the biggest shopping day. And of course, don’t forget the big and limited-time sales that are the all-time-classic recipe for shoppers who will rush to make their purchases. 


4. Reward your loyal customers 

Creating special offers for your existing customers will be a smart strategic move for Black Friday sales. It is a fact that customers who have already made purchases from you are likely to prefer you again. By providing special discounts or products exclusively for existing customers, you increase loyalty and gain fans of your brand. 

This strategy may in the future prove to be not only effective, but also economical, as attracting new customers requires more resources than maintaining existing ones. 


5. Give bonuses to your new customers too 

If you want to give your customers an extra incentive to buy from you again, consider giving them a small gift. This might include free shipping or a small bonus if they exceed a certain purchase limit. 

Free shipping, in particular, is something that consumers who shop online really appreciate and can motivate them to add more products to their cart. By increasing your sales, you can easily offset the shipping costs and break even! 


6. Don’t forget about SEO 

It is a fact that before making purchases, consumers carry out research in order to discover the product that suits them or to find the right opportunities and offers. For this reason, it is important to appear in the first results of your customers’ searches on search engines. 

If your website appears high in search engine results, congratulations! This means you’ve done a good job with SEO, but don’t rest. In the run-up to Black Friday 2023, you need to pay a little more attention to SEO: thoroughly research keywords, monitor the competition and design targeted content that matches user searches. 

Especially if you have a landing page exclusively for Black Friday, make sure that both the page itself and the product pages it links to are SEO optimized. 


7. Extend the Black Friday effect 

Every year, Black Friday sales mark the festive season for businesses and consumers. Don’t forget that the day falls a month before Christmas, so you need to take advantage of the fact that consumers are willing to make purchases more than any other time. 

In order to take advantage of the holiday shopping boom, you can extend your sales beyond Black Friday. For example, you can extend your discounts on certain products or offer your customers coupons that they can redeem in the days after Black Friday. 

Plus, after shopping, don’t abandon your customers! Contact them to find out if they were happy with their purchases and your service. It’s a simple way to show that you care about their opinion and gain their trust. 


8. Remember; customer service is the key 

Customer service is key all-year-round for any business. It’s important, however, on high-traffic days like Black Friday to maintain good communication with your audience. On that day it is very likely that you will have to answer many questions and requests from customers, so you should equip yourself with organization and patience. 

In the context of a good and quick interaction with your customers you can use social media. Social media offers the perfect opportunity not only to showcase your products, but also to answer your customers’ questions and provide them with support during the purchase process. 


Increase your sales every season with the help of experts 

Black Friday sales will be a good opportunity to skyrocket your sales, but who wouldn’t want high levels of sales all year round? It’s important to optimize your business’s sales process in time to see high season results and make the most of the surge in purchases. 

Automate time-consuming processes to boost your sales and maintain good communication with your audience. Do you have an online store? Learn how to optimize your eshops to get loyal buyers! 

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