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AI in Digital Marketing: How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Marketers Today?

AI in Digital Marketing

AI in Digital Marketing

Is AI in Digital Marketing going to be one of the strongest tools that a marketer can poccess? Especially in 2023, the surge in the use of AI Marketing (yes, we all thought of ChatGPT) has led marketers to an in-depth exploration of the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. How can new technologies automate and speed up the work of a digital marketer and finally, at what cost does this development come? 


In this article we will see:


What does AI in Digital Marketing do?

AI in Digital Marketing uses Artificial Intelligence tools to gather information about the audience and create the right content. Through the automation of Digital Marketing processes, AI Marketing offers a personalized approach to serving each customer, significantly improving their experience.

AI Marketing, in addition to gathering information, monitors and analyzes customer behavior, such as visiting and browsing a website, in order to extract useful data for the business. Based on this data, the company is able to achieve its goals more easily. 


How Can AI Enhance Digital Marketing?

Did you know how AI, specifically generative AI, can reduce a marketer’s job by up to 5 hours a week? And this concerns only one aspect of AI in Digital Marketing- the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence are much more!

But how can AI really solve the hands of a Digital Marketing professional? 

Content personalization

One of AI in Digital Marketing’s strongest cards is creating a personalized customer experience. AI has the ability to analyze user’s behavior and improve their experience through targeted actions.

For example, by knowing your customer’s details, you can deliver personalized content that you know is of interest to them. Netflix, through a user’s viewing history, recognizes his preferences and promotes films or series with corresponding themes. 


Επιχειρήσεις που χρησιμοποιούν AI Marketing

Content creation

Content creation tools can greatly speed up a marketer’s workflow. These tools are based on the automatic production of material based on short written commands.

Perhaps the best known and loved by all of us is ChatGPT which can generate articles for blogs or even captions for social media. Other well-known generative AI tools are DALL-E, for creating images and SocialBee, for creating concepts and captions for social media. 

Attention marketers! While content creation tools may seem like a magic solution, remember that you need to cross-reference the information they provide and tailor your writing to have a human element and add credibility to your content.


And who has never been served by a chatbot? Chatbots and AI in Digital Marketing go hand in hand, as chatbots are the main “intelligent” assistant in customer service. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), chatbots can quickly resolve customer issues, answer questions in real-time and boost CX. 

Chatbots enable Digital Marketing professionals to prioritize leads and take on the more difficult tasks, leaving the easier cases to the chatbots. This way they save time, but also keep their customers happy through quick response!

Sales forecast

Is there a marketer who wouldn’t want to know in advance the results of their campaigns? By providing sales forecasts, Digital Marketing professionals can optimize their content and design appropriate campaigns to more effectively engage their audience and save money. 

Shopping in channels

Artificial Intelligence can significantly help save costs from unnecessary actions. Through data and results analysis, it can identify the most profitable sales channels and the most successful campaigns, so that marketers can focus on the most efficient practices in the future.

This way, marketers reach their audience more effectively and increase ROI. 


AI Marketing can offer life saving solutions for SEO! AI algorithms can analyze traffic on a website, detect keywords, and even monitor the competition!

By using AI tools, marketers can discover the preferences and searches of their audience and optimize their content accordingly, thereby attracting more customers. 


What are the pros of AI in Digital Marketing?

Increase in ROI

By analyzing and providing actionable campaign insights, marketers focus on the most profitable tactics and save costs from channels that aren’t attracting leads.

Improved user experience

By personalizing content and providing personalized recommendations, users are more easily guided towards making a purchase, while also improving their experience when interacting with the business. 

Speed ​​in customer service

AI marketing automates certain processes in customer service, creating relationships of trust between the business and the audience.

Making the right decisions

By providing actionable insights and analytics, AI marketing helps marketers make the right decisions and plan strategies that will deliver maximum results.


What are the pitfalls of AI in Digital Marketing?

Content quality

AI generated content is not always valid. In fact, you need to check the generated content for errors – AI is not able to fully replace the human factor. 


In order to gather information about the audience, AI tools collect the personal information of customers, so great attention is needed in the management of sensitive information and implementation of privacy protection.

Evaluation of non-measurable KPI’s

Collecting measurable data in the context of AI marketing is one of the simplest processes. However, when it comes to non-quantifiable performance indicators, such as brand awareness, AI cannot provide sufficient information. 


The Future of AI in Digital Marketing

It is now evident how much Artificial Intelligence has infiltrated both Digital Marketing and other sectors of the digital world. The growth of AI in Digital Marketing continues to grow exponentially: specifically, by 2028, the AI ​​in the field of Digital Marketing is expected to reach $107.5 billion (versus $15.84 billion in 2021)!

If the development of Artificial Intelligence worries you about the future of your work, we have good news for you! AI will not jeopardize your job- on the contrary, it will create new jobs. Don’t forget: Artificial Intelligence cannot replace the human factor! 

Businesses dealing with new technologies and digital transformation are expected to experience great progress in the coming years. Already at least 80% of marketers use some kind of AI tools, a percentage that is expected to increase. 

AI Marketing statistics

Increase your sales with AI Marketing!

Are you following a Digital Marketing strategy but still not seeing the desired results? Include AI tools in your plan and take advantage of the possibilities they can offer you.

At NUS Solutions, we use the most modern tools to automate complicated processes , save costs and deliver a unique CX to your customers. Strengthen your strategy, get to know your customers well and increase your sales!

Together we turn your vision into reality! 

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