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Microsoft Power Virtual Agents: everything you need to know!

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Learn how Microsoft Virtual Power Agents can automate the communication inside and out of your organization!

In the summer of 2023, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents appeared to the digital landscape. Recognizing the needs of Customer Support, Microsoft created a tool that, with almost no code needed, allows custom chatbots to be built quickly, affordably, and simply! 

But what exactly are Power Virtual Agents? How much does it cost and what value does it offer to each company that uses this tool? 

In this article we will delve into the capabilities of this groundbreaking tool by answering all your important questions! 

Let’s start! 


In this article you will find: 


What is Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and how does it work? 

Power Virtual Agents is a service offered by Microsoft as part of the Power Platform suite. 

It is a tool that allows users to create, without the use of code, custom virtual agents – chatbots to automate communication with customers, employees or other service systems. 

Chatbots built with Power Virtual Agents can be used to answer specific questions, provide information, collect data, and perform various tasks. All this without the need for programming skills! 

How does it work? 

The user defines the goals and creates dialogues for the chatbot. Each dialog represents a specific type of communication with the user, such as question-answer, information gathering, etc. 

The system then uses AI techniques to properly train the bot to understand and respond to user questions and commands. 

With the ability to connect to other services and data sources, such as databases and CRM systems, chatbots can provide personalized solutions, offering an intuitive way to communicate with users. 


How can businesses benefit from using Power Virtual Agents? 

The implementation of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents offers significant benefits to enterprises in various sectors, such as: 

Improving customer service 

First, Power Virtual Agents enables businesses to improve customer service by creating chatbots that respond instantly to questions and issues. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and reduced waiting times. Plus, Power Virtual Agents gives you 24/7 customer service after business hours. 

Task automation 

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents enables the automation of processes and tasks, helping to save time and resources. Creating chatbots for repetitive tasks can allow staff to focus on more complex tasks, while automated responses can serve customer needs quickly and efficiently. 

Integration with other Microsoft products 

Also, Power Virtual Agents integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft ecosystem products, offering end-to-end solutions. The connection with Power BI enables immediate data analysis, while the integration with Power Apps and Power Automate enables the extension of its functions. 


Microsoft Power Virtual Agents enables flexible customization and extension of chatbots, as well as integration with other services and data sources. This allows businesses to tailor their solutions to their specific needs and leverage information from a variety of sources. 

Increased productivity 

Overall, integrating Power Virtual Agents into the business process can lead to more efficient customer service. The ability to handle tasks that previously required human intervention helps increase productivity and save time and resources! 

Internal use 

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents can also be effectively used for processes within your organization! Specifically, it can: 


How to build your own Power Virtual Agents in Microsoft? 

1. Register on the platform 

The first step is to sign up for Microsoft Copilot Studio, which is Software as a Service (SaaS). Then you can easily create your bot and embed it into the website you want. 

2. Create your bot easily

No coding knowledge? No problem! In Microsoft Copilot Studio you can create bots easily and quickly through an intuitive and code-free graphical interface, without the help of expert developers. 

3. Enable advanced chats 

Through AI, you can provide examples of the topic you want your bot to handle, create the conversation using graphics editing, and control your tests in real-time through a test panel. 

4. Use bots to perform actions 

With the help of Power Automate, you can create bots that will not only chat with your users, but also act on their behalf. This way you will be able to benefit from an automated support system to serve your customers! 

5. Monitor bot performance 

Microsoft Copilot Studio helps you monitor the performance of your bots using metrics and make the appropriate adjustments to improve their performance. 

6. Automate your tasks 

You can use Customer Service Insights together with Microsoft Copilot Studio and understand the most trending topics or points that consume resources and automate them. 


Examples of applications in various fields 

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents can be applied to various sectors and industries, providing solutions that adapt to the needs of each business. 

Examples of applications in various fields are provided below: 

Customer service 

Building a chatbot that can answer customer questions about products, services, return policies and more, offering prompt and efficient service. 

Human resources 

Building a chatbot that can answer employee questions about company culture policies, employment benefits, licensing issues, and more. 

Sales and Marketing 

Integrating a chatbot on the website to answer customer questions about offers, new products and purchase instructions. 

Production Management 

Creating a chatbot to provide updates on production status, track equipment availability, and respond to staff questions. 


Building a chatbot to provide information about study programs, available professors, deadlines, and other student-related issues. 

Health and Pharmaceuticals 

Chatbot application to provide basic information about diseases, prevention, directions for tests and appointments in medical centers. 


Key points of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents 

15+ languages: Thanks to the customized user experience, you can bypass language barriers. With Power Virtual Agents from Microsoft, you can customize your chatbots in more than 15 languages like English, French, German, Chinese or your local language! 

Multi-author support: Your team members have the ability to collaborate in real-time to create chatbots and focus on different tasks, depending on their field of expertise. 

Import & export: You can import and export bots across solutions and environments, while ensuring change control and data retention. Then you can schedule the release at the right time. 

Pre-built connectors: Power Automate integration makes Power Virtual Agents even more powerful. Chatbots can integrate actions using pre-built connectors within Power Platform and optimize workflows thanks to accurate error detection. 

International presence: No matter where you are in the world, you can access Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, thanks to data centers located in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. 


New applications and prospects for the future of Power Virtual Agents 

The innovations of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents do not stop here! New technologies and sophisticated systems are about to be integrated into your digital assistants so that you take off the conversation experience inside and outside your organization! 

Bot configuration 

Power Virtual Agents lets you combine Azure Bot Framework Composer with a low-code platform. This way you can create custom bots that perfectly fit your organization’s needs. 

Copilot and Artificial Intelligence 

Power Virtual Agents is set to be equipped with cutting-edge generative AI capabilities. By pointing a source of information to the bot and combining it with a GPT tool, the digital assistant will be able to provide a sophisticated conversation, developing a multi-turn chat experience. 

Voice chat 

With the rapidly developing technology in the field of voice recognition, it is likely that we will see Power Virtual Agents incorporate this innovation into chatbots. With the ability to understand voice commands, businesses will have the ability to offer a more natural and convenient customer experience through chatbots. 


Automate your customer service with the help of experts! 

The main point that can take off your business and give you a strong competitive advantage, is comprehensive and effective customer service! With the help of customer service organization and automation tools, you can save time, resources, and also offer a unique customer experience to your clients. 

At NUS Solutions we leverage the latest Microsoft and AI tools to automate every task of your business and successfully lead you through an integrated digital transformation! 

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